Mini Racquets

Meet the team

Any mini tennis and junior member may play all of the sports provided at the club including tennis, squash and racketball.

Mini Racquets Membership Forms are available from Kayne Mann and are to be completed separately to the main membership forms due to the extra information that is required relating to the children. Membership fees are also collected separately.

Please contact Kayne if you have queries relating to Mini Racquets Membership. We hope to have a form available to download shortly.

Mini Tennis

The club runs a Mini Tennis programme for ages 4-11 on most days of the week with Kayne Mann (07585 772241) our Mini Tennis Development Coach co-ordinating the programme.

We also run teams in the Warwickshire Mini Tennis Leagues giving mini’s their first taste of competitive tennis. For more information about mini tennis visit

If you want your child to be included in any of the sessions please ring Kayne on 07585 772241 or email:

Any players who are unsure of the day or time of lessons or the Mini Tennis Coaching programme as a whole should contact Kayne.

Our current mini tennis programme is as follows:

The Mini Red 2 class is for children aged 4-8.
It is focused on agility, balance and co-ordination and how to create the foundations for hitting the ball which is based, at this age, around sending and receiving skills.

Mini Red 1 class is to take the mini red 2 class a stage further, for children aged 5-8.
We now introduce the racket more into the session and focus on the basic technicalities of the strokes on a small badminton sized court, with balls designed to fly 75% slower than a standard ball.

Mini Orange is for children aged 8-10.
We start to get the children hitting with longer swings on a bigger sized court, roughly 3 quarters the size of a regular court with balls designed to fly 50% slower. More tactical variation is introduced in using more of the space available on the increased size of court.

 Mini Green is for children 10-11
It is on a standard sized court but with balls designed to fly 25% slower than a standard ball.  Here all of the aspects of the full court game are worked on from technical, tactical, mental and physical, to prepare the children for the full game of tennis.

We will also be running tournament match plays on Sundays for the children from 1.00pm-3.00pm.  Parents should contact Kayne for further details.

Individual & shared lessons also available.
For more information please contact Kayne Mann (Mini-Tennis Development Coach) on 07585 772241.

Holiday Courses 

Please see notice boards and check with Kayne Mann (07585 772241) re dates.

Courses usually run February Half Term, Easter Holidays, Summer Half Term, Summer Holidays and October Half Term

Mini Tennis Coaches

Kayne Mann  Mini Tennis Development Coach


Professional tennis coaching is available for years 1 to 6 at Knowle & Dorridge through Kayne Mann. 

Kayne is an LTA registered coach and also a Registered Professional Racket stringer. 

Kayne has worked within mini tennis in a wide variety of settings from school coaching programmes to individual and group mini tennis sessions.

Kayne runs weekly group lessons for children of all ages and abilities throughout the week. There are also match play sessions and squads for AEGON team players. Junior social competitions and LTA tournaments take place on Sundays throughout the year.

Individual lessons (30 or 45 minutes) are available at competitive rates and can be booked either as a block or individual basis for Monday through Sunday dependent on availability.

Kayne will also be delivering the cardio tennis session on Fridays at 6.15pm for all members aged 16+.

A racket re-stringing service is also provided by Kayne.

Kayne can be contacted on 07585 772241 or via email:

Hazel Cranston – Mini Tennis Coach

hazel_cranstonHazel is an LTA registered coach with wide-ranging experience of working with children of all ages. 

Specialising in working with under 8’s, Hazel is currently developing the Tots Tennis sessions for pre-school, early years and reception age children within K&D, as well as working throughout the mini tennis programme alongside Kayne.

What to wear …

The Club rule is that all tennis players wear predominantly white tennis kit (shirts and socks); however coloured tennis shorts or skirts are acceptable. This rule applies to all tennis members. Non-marking tennis shoes must be worn (i.e. footwear specifically designed to enhance performance on a tennis court and guard against injury). There is mini tennis club kit available to purchase from the club and mini tennis members should contact Kayne Mann for more details

Mini Squash

Jon Tate, 07930 461390, is our squash and racquetball coach

Coaching is provided on a Sunday afternoon to all mini and junior club members under the expert guidance of our squash coach, details are found in  Junior Squash_Coaching.pdf


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