Squash Court Booking Procedures

Court availability and bookings

Courts are available for booking by Squash members between 8.00am and 10.00pm – 7 days per week subject to team games, club nights, tournaments and junior coaching. Courts can be booked in the Club House and remotely via the online booking system, for 40 minutes sessions.

On line bookings and procedures

Court Booking and Cancellation – Remote

Courts can be booked from any PC connected to the internet. The booking site is available via this link Court Booking System

http://knowleanddorridge.clubsolution.co.uk/proc_intro.aspIn the Menu section “Select option”, left mouse click on “Log in”. Enter your member ID and PIN code and click on “Log in”. Today’s court bookings will be shown; altering the date will show that day’s bookings. In the Menu section “Timetables” you can view the daily or weekly bookings.

On a daily timetable, click on the available court that you wish to book. You can enter your opponent’s ID if you wish; this can be found under “Find opponent”. If they have enabled their e-mail option they will receive an e-mail advising of this booking. “Confirm booking” will then return the web page to the daily sheet, with your new booking shown.

To cancel a court, follow this procedure until selecting “Delete”, not “Confirm booking”.

Before exiting the booking site select “Log out” from the bottom of the Menu section.

Court Booking and Cancellation – Clubhouse

The clubhouse PC is activated by touching the screen, which at first touch will show today’s booking sheet. Follow the above procedures after logging in.

Checking In at the Clubhouse before play

The court lighting will be activated by checking in at the clubhouse before play. This is done by the “court booker” simply logging in up to 60 minutes before the court start time. At the time of the next lighting update, a small icon of a light bulb switching on (turning yellow) at the bottom right of the screen will be seen.

If the court booker has successfully checked in, the court lighting will come on 5 minutes before the court start time and will switch off 55 minutes later i.e. 10 minutes after the 40 minute court time has ended. Depressing a push-button switch mounted outside each court will activate the lights for an additional 10 minute period if the following court time has not already been booked and extra time is needed.

Additional Functions Available

There are many additional functions available with the system that we have installed, only some of which are currently operable at Knowle & Dorridge Racquets Club. You will notice that the System Administrator will have advance access to courts so that club nights, matches and coaching may be booked before the normal booking rules allow. Those features most likely to be of general interest are:

–         “Member information”; gives certain membership details and enables you to select                 the “Would like to receive booking confirmation by e-mail” option

–         “Your bookings” shows a summary of your booking situation

–         “Member list” enables you to look up other member’s ID, address, etc.


This system should prove relatively reliable and simple for members to operate.  However, in the event of your needing assistance or wanting to report a fault you should contact our System Administrator, Laurie Goldsworthy (771144) or his assistant Judy Turner (0121 242 1250).

Squash and Racketball court booking rules

The court lighting is controlled by the Online Booking System. This requires the member who booked the court to check in at the clubhouse before going down to the courts.  The rules, as defined by the S&R Committee, are set out below.

Courts may be booked for 40 minute periods between the hours of 8.00am and 10.00pm every day. The booking rules apply equally to those booking remotely and at the clubhouse.

Court No.1 – White

Can be booked as from 12.01am for the whole of the day 2 weeks ahead, and for any day sooner i.e. on a Wednesday at 12.01am all white courts 2 weeks on Wednesday become available for booking. This rolls forward on a daily basis.

Court No.2 – Pink

Can be booked as from 12.01am for the whole of the day 2 days ahead, and for any day sooner i.e. on a Wednesday at 12.01am all pink courts on that Friday become available for booking. This rolls forward on a daily basis.

Peak Times

Peak time rules apply on Monday to Thursday in the period 6.00pm – 9.20pm i.e. 5 periods per night for 4 days per week. A member will only be able to book 1 peak time court in a 7 day period on Court 1 until a court has been available for 7 days. Members should not arrange to play on 2 consecutive court sessions during peak periods on either court.

Cancellations and No Shows

Cancellations should be made at least 48 hours before court time. Any cancellations after this, and no shows, will be recorded in the system unless the court is subsequently utilised by another member. A ‘no show’ is registered 10 minutes after the booked court start time. Three late cancellations and/or no shows will automatically result in the Member losing “booking rights” through the system.

Any Member who finds that they have lost booking rights will need to contact a member of the S&R Committee to arrange for their reinstatement. The Committee accepts that there are some occasions when a late cancellation cannot be avoided and it intends to review this situation and reset the system periodically.

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