Tennis Court Booking Information

The majority of the Astroturf courts are bookable all year around. Please consult the spreadsheet below for full details. 

There is a booking computer in the clubhouse, or you can book a court from any internet enabled device.  Go to Tennis Booking System

Courts can be booked 7 days plus 30 minutes before the start time.

  • On the Welcome Page, click log in
  • Enter your member ID and PIN number and click “Log in” – today’s court bookings will be shown.
  • Select the date on which you wish to book a court from the “Select date” drop down menu – the court booking will be displayed for that date.
  • Click on the court time you wish to book – the New Booking screen will display the information about the booking. Check the information is correct; enter your playing companion’s I.D.
  • Click “Confirm Booking” – the screen will now display your booking time, together with your name.
  • Before exiting the booking site, select “Log out” from the bottom of the menu section.
  •  On arrival at the Club you must check-in using the touchscreen booking computer.  Find your booking and click ‘Confirm Booking’.  Failing to confirm booking will result in the court being recorded as a no-show.
  • To cancel a court, log in as above, find your booking and click ‘Delete’.
  • If you have forgotten your ID number please contact (insert name) or if you have forgotten your PIN click on ‘Forgotten your PIN code’.

Any member who finds that they have lost booking rights will need to contact a member of the Tennis Sub Committee to arrange for their reinstatement. The Committee accepts that there are some occasions when a late cancellation cannot be avoided and it intends to review this situation and reset the system periodically.

Tennis Etiquette

  • Seniors cannot insist that Juniors vacate a court when they have priority.
  • Each member can only book one peak booking court at a time in their name (but they can be a partner or an opponent on other courts that they haven’t booked).
  • All players walking down to the squash courts or courts 5,6,7 &8 past court 1 must wait to be called through.
  • Members should wait at the back of court 2 until the rally has finished, before walking across the back of the court to the clubhouse or car park.
  • Mobile phones should be switched off during playing.

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