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Tennis courts limited reopening Saturday 16th May

The committee has reviewed the LTA guidance for players and venues issued 12th May. They require us to make a risk assessment, which is currently underway. There is also some preparation required as a result of the guidelines and risk assessment results. Finally we are aware that the cricket club are applying chemical treatment to their grounds on Friday 15th May.

For these reasons, to make sure we reopen safely, the tennis courts will be available for play from 08:30 a.m. Saturday 16th May. As before, squash members will be able to book tennis courts if they wish. Specific steps to minimise infection risk already decided are:
  • The clubhouse and squash court building will remain closed, so there will be no toilet facilities on site and floodlighting will not be available.
  • The net adjusters and court brushes will be removed. Ken will ensure that the courts are brushed and nets adjusted.
  • Court gates will be left open, please ensure that they remain so.
  • A one way system with 2m separation markers will be implemented.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at key points.
  • Benches and litter bins will be removed.
  • Courts must be booked in advance without exception. The no-show limit remains disabled as you cannot log in at the clubhouse.
Please carefully read the LTA player guidance and in particular note the following points:
  • Maximum of two people per court. Players can be from different households.
  • One to one coaching sessions may be arranged with Mike or Kayne.
  • The only exception to the above is where a group of four players are all from the same household in which case they can play doubles.
  • Each household must bring their own tennis balls that are clearly marked (e.g. with initials). This means if playing with someone from another household you will need to use two sets of balls and only serve with your own balls.
  • Avoid using your hands to pick up tennis balls that aren’t yours – use your racquet/foot to hit/kick them to your opponent or return them to another court.
  • Please leave your court a few minutes before the end of your booked session to ensure it is clear for the next users.
  • Please take all items away with you.
Please strictly respect all the guidance. It is there for everyone’s safety and to minimise the chance that we have to close the club again. The committee will keep the guidance under review and issue further communications as required. Tennis Committee and Main Committee

LTA "Tennis at Home"

Play may be suspended, but we’ve got you covered with our series of fun #TennisAtHome exercises. You can also follow our Brits beyond the courts: As the tennis world adjusts to the daily life of social distancing, our Brits are still finding ways to entertain themselves and fans during the unexpected break. They’ve been up to everything – from players bringing cute canines to their office to the Murray brothers getting into some coaching and mischievous antics online. Follow the Brits part 1 Follow the Brits part 2

Corona Virus: keeping the club financially viable

We have issued frequent communications on the impact of Coronavirus on the Club and its members, culminating in the Club’s closure on the evening of 23rd March. The Club always based its advice on the principle of allowing members to play all sports for as long as permitted by the Government/LTA/England Squash whilst remaining safe. We are aware that not all members have agreed with our stance however the Club has trusted its members to make the right decision for themselves (and their family) and their personal safety which is, of course, paramount.

The current pandemic affects the livelihoods of many UK workers and businesses including our members and our Club. As the new membership year starts on 1 May 2020, it is timely to share with members our early assessment of the Club’s financial health.

We are keen that our community will be able to enjoy a vibrant and financially sound Racquets Club going forward. Whilst we will seek whatever Government financial support is available, the Club still has a sizeable cost base that subscription income needs to cover.

Because the Club’s financial year end on 31 December is different to our subscription year that runs to 30 April, our subscription income essentially covers 4 months of the previous subscription year and 8 months of the coming year. We maintain a level of reserves to cover the mismatch in timing (effectively the first 4 months of the year). Therefore, the Club’s ability to survive and remain vibrant and financially sound depends on the receipt of subscription income by the end of June.

The Club has already cancelled or postponed all discretionary expenditure and is looking at further ways to reduce its costs and its loan repayment obligations while we ride out this storm.

The Club does have funds in its sinking funds that are used to renew facilities e.g. for replacement playing surfaces and lights on tennis courts and recurring refurbishment of wall maintenance and floors in the Squash Courts. It’s a condition of the LTA that the club maintains a sinking fund. Without doing so the club would currently lose its accreditation which could invoke further penalties such as all loans being repayable.

It will not be possible to reschedule the AGM before a decision needs to be made about subscription rates for the coming subscription year. Your Committee, however, believes that the Club rules currently only allow the mandate to collect subscriptions at the rate set at the AGM in March 2019 (i.e. the same rate as last year) but not to implement any other changes to subs other than to vary the date we issue invoices.

The only real option for us today is to defer our subscription invoice until around mid-May when the full year subscriptions at the 2019/20 rate will be invoiced. The cash at the bank will allow us to pay our way until early June. Whilst it will be difficult to gauge the level of income we will receive at that point, this delay will allow us to have a much better sight of our costs over the remainder of the subscription year and also perhaps a clearer view on how long this emergency may last. By then we will have explored the best way forward, taking account of the continuing overheads, any government assistance and our loan repayments schedule.

We are certain that whatever action we take, it will not satisfy all the membership and we ask our loyal members to stick with us to maintain the viability of their sports club. However, we know there will be an economic hardship for some and we ask that you email Alistair on where we will evaluate what special measures can be put in place – something to help to allow you to get back onto the courts later this year.

Further, a number of colleagues will also be going through extremely challenging times as their incomes will be hugely diminished. We would hope that when this is all over that members will avail themselves of the coaching services of Mike Erskine and Kayne (together with Hazel and the team) for tennis and of Jon Tate for squash. Additionally, we have to remember that Ken our groundsman is on reduced hours, but is still about maintaining facilities for the eventual return to play. Actions are now in place to help look after these colleagues too.

I am certain the Club has never been rocked like this before (well not since WW2). This current emergency is going to prove extremely challenging for us all. But the aim of the Committee is to bring the Club and its family of members through to a fully functioning club in 2021.

President and Main Committee
27th March 2021

Squash & Racketball Events Calendar 2020

Tennis Events Calendar 2020

AGM Cancelled

Due to Corona Virus the AGM is cancelled. The committee are considering how best to progress the business without a physical meeting.

You can find the notice of the meeting here and the initially planned agenda here.

The published accounts for 2019 are here and the minutes from last year’s meeting here.

New Court Booking and Floodlight control system

We will introduce a new court booking and floodlight payment system on the 24th of April The major changes that you will notice will be:
  • New computer terminal in the clubhouse
  • You will need a new fob to access the club / to log in
  • No more tokens! Floodlights will be purchased from your account that you will need to put in credit.
The floodlight costs will remain unchanged  and squash court lighting will remain free. We have prepared a set of likely questions and answers which you can find here

New Web Site

A new web site is expected to be fully operational in February 2020. It will be fully responsive so you can use PC, Tablet or Mobile. We will be sending an email to all members shortly to confirm the date for the change over. There will be eight main sections:

  • Join-us with information for prospective members
  • News and Events – where all the latest information will be published
  • Separate pages for Tennis and Squash/Raquetball
  • Detail about the clubs facilities on the Clubhouse page
  • A Who’s Who with details of the committee
  • The final page will contain reference policy documents
25-01-2020 10:45

Online bookings

We are changing from Globus to Payne Automation in March

24-01-2020 17:10
Get the latest information here.
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