Knowle and Dorridge Racquets Club has approximately 700 members of whom 440 are adult playing members, 120 are juniors and 140 are social members.

The Club has 8 tennis courts.  4 floodlit Astroturf , 3 New Generation Astroturf Courts of which 2 are lit by LED floodlights and 1 singles/mini tennis New Generation Astroturf court.

Courts are open 7 days a week from 9.00am to 10.00pm.  There is a court for singles play and the club offers a wide range of social and team tennis.

Squash and Racketball
The club has two squash courts situated beyond the tennis courts with a balcony over both for the use of spectators and referees.

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The club was founded in 1908 originally as a tennis club only, with 6 courts and a modest clubhouse. In the early 1960’s the first of its 2 squash courts was built with the second being added in the 1970’s. Racketball, which is played on the squash courts was well established by 1995 and there are now more players of racketball than squash. 2018 saw the addition of 4 New Generation Astroturf courts, 2 of which are floodlit by state of the art LED floodlights and the singles court also being marked for mini tennis.

You can join the club to play tennis or squash and racketball or can play all three sports at a greatly reduced rate. The club suits those who wish to play socially as well as those seeking to play competitively. If you are interested in tennis you should follow this link for more information. If it’s squash and racketball then follow this link.


Code Of Conduct

Alleged Breaches Procedures


The club offers social tennis on a Tuesday evening from 6.00pm onwards throughout the year and Saturday afternoons from 2.00pm with tea and cake served by members at about 3.30pm each week.


Juniors have priority on Friday evenings from 4.00pm to 7.00pm on all courts and everyday on court 1 until 8.00pm. At other times it is possible to play fixed fours or singles. If you are interested in playing team tennis, currently the club runs four mens and four ladies tennis teams during the summer, three in the Birmingham leagues and one in the Coventry league. There is also a junior boys team, junior girls team and a mixed team playing in the Metropolitan summer league. For the 2018 season these teams will play in the following divisions:-

Ladies 1. Birmingham Div 1

Ladies 2. Coventry Div 1

Ladies 3. Birmingham Div 4

Ladies 4. Birmingham Div 5

Ladies 5 incl juniors. Metropolitan Div 1

Mixed Metropolitan Div 1

Mens 1. Birmingham Div 3

Mens 2. Coventry Div 2

Mens 3. Bimingham Div 4

Mens 4. Birmingham Div 6

Mens 5 incl juniors. Metropolitan Div 3

Winter competitive tennis also takes place with winter league and veterans league matches on Saturdays and Sundays for both men, ladies and mixed. The men have been regular winners of the vets leagues. There is an annual tournament held over a three week period in June and several other social day tournaments and other trophy mixed doubles events. There are several events for juniors including an annual tournament and internal and external league matches.

The club has a resident tennis coach who is available to provide coaching throughout the club. There is also an assistant coach who provides coaching for mini tennis, cardio tennis and the schools programme.

My Division

Squash & Racketball

If you are interested in squash and/or racketball you may be interested to know that there are regular monthly leagues in both sports and a racketball evening is held once a month on a Friday evening. There are two mens squash teams playing in the Warwickshire leagues divisions two and five, one ladies squash team playing in division two and one racketball team. The club welcomes new members who are interested in playing in its teams. Coaching is available on a weekly basis during the early evening. Open and handicap tournaments are played during November and March each year.

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Warwickshire Squash

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